MIUS FRONT - Graviteam - Parche marzo 2017

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MIUS FRONT - Graviteam - Parche marzo 2017

Mensaje por Iker » 06 Mar 2017, 23:36

Nuevo pedazo de parche del amigo Andrey.. incluidos SHERMANS :risa: :risa: :risa:

1) Added M4A2 Sherman tank.
2) Added BA-20 armored vehicle.
3) Fixed a bug with "jamming" of single-plane weapon stabilizer.
4) AI control modifier split into two parts - fire control and movement control.
5) Adjusted the interface in the tactical battle.
6) Updated the user manual.
7) When switching to the map with F10 key, the camera automatically rotates to the north and points vertically downward (enabled in the settings).
8) Added M4A2 Sherman and BA-20 armored vehicle to quick battle organizational structure.
9) Adjusted the algorithm of unit actions when withdrawing.
10) Added 3D marks from armor-piercing projectile penetrations.
11) Moved view fire capabilities button for selected units to the upper part of the interface (added keyboard shortcut for it).
12) Fixed several bugs in the operational phase (indication of turns of arrival, stationary platoons appearing from the reserve, etc.).
13) Fixed a bug with spinning aircraft.
14) Added grouping of unit names in located in the reserves.
15) Added new mode of operations with combat groups and their control.
16) Fixed a bug blocking movement of attacking platoons into captured squares after a battle.
17) Small adjustments in the organizational structures of forces for all operations.
18) Fixed a bug with incorrect displaying of weapons in some cases.
19) Corrected the German names and lastnames.
20) Added skins of the German soldiers.
21) Added skins of the Soviet soldiers.
22) Added cloud shadows.
23) Fixed a bug with incorrect positioning of labels on some tanks in the encyclopedia.
24) Fixed a bug (in platoons table in the operational phase) with indication of the number of units in a platoon, when realizing the reinforcement strategy.

Esta tarde he practicado un poco para ver como lucían los nuevo tanques.. Lujazo !!!


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